Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mi Zumo de Naranja y Yo(My Orange Juice and I)

Preface to the poem: So, a little while back, I was sick with a cold. I went to the local tienda and bought some orange juice, you know regular old fixer upper, natural orange juice. So, I go back to the house with my orange juice, and my abuela(the lady I am staying with), gets a litte upset at the fact I brought home orange juice!!! Her thinking was that she was feeding me just right and I was getting all the vitamins I would ever need....I think it was sort of a diss to her cooking that I needed to by orange juice to feel better....I don't for the next day or two, I had to sneak drinking my orange the following poems are from the bench where I drank my orange juice in seclusion, hiding from my abuela so she wouldn't be mad and wouldn't feel disrespected about me bringing orange juice home...but I had to get well!!!

So, I found a bench and wrote.


week's journey around the world
i stare onward
into the ocean
my orange juice and i
and my bag
from 10th grade
as one zoned out entity
occupying this vaguely
of a breeze

maybe we were once
all acquainted when we went
picking cotton that day
and on the way home
passed a tree of oranges

did we end up together
to support
to grow as the shreds
got bigger
and talk
to the one to our right
as he coped with losing
his pulp

black and brown shoe strings

she wonders why insecurity
returns in alone time

picture of my orange juice

La Otra

the pigeon approached me
in the most astute manner
i think he as a King
for he had breastplates
of shimmering glory
and he walked with
a fearless purpose

"pass the large one
for we don't stop for
strangers" i think he said

"no friends
only kin with pity" i think he said

"being royal's a lonely life" i asked

"are you kidding me!?!"

answer like
on your birthday
really hits like JR

The look

The stroll

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Esoteric said...

So I'm putting in my reservation for Jocelyn's "Book of Poetry Abroad" now. Thank you...
~ Esoteric