Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Un Dibujo Maravilloso por (A Marvelous Drawing by) Jeannine E.

So I had to share this, I think it´s beautiful!!!!

So, I´m sitting in class yesterday...and I look to my right, and what do I see? My wonderful compañera, Jeannine drawing.....a pic of me with a guitar :) She said she´d draw another one and give it to me...cause the one she was drawing at the time was on her notes :)

So, she brought it to school today.....I think it says me perfectly. Thanks Jeannine!!!!!!!!!!

When you are a famous writer and children´s literature artist, don´t forget about the little people !!!! :)

You´re great,

thanks for bringing the sun.


p.s. I bought a guitar in Spain and have been learning to play....hopefully i will be on my way to skills like Santana when i get back...ok wishful thinking but definitely will know a few chords, yaaaayuuuhhh!!!

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sci-fi sistah said...

Que un dibujo mono y alegre de Jeannine! Te echo de menos mija!