Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poemas de España: Sun Child

deep in thought
an introspective child
of the sky
ergonomic bagpipes
I got a guitar
excitement baked
in uncertainty
like each tree limb
knows that of its

Sun Child
go on with your bad self
make the earth shake
make the moon
fall in love with peanut butter
and jelly
while the skinny trees
do the limbo under
the breeze

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poemas de España: And


i was a prodigy
now i am god
of the apple trees
but the peach trees
are coming up
saw one growing in the middle
of the highway yesterday

rain for 10 minutes
better think quick
better drink sips
quick enough taste it

next dimension
but same extra-terrestial sail boat

you know my sympathy
chose apathy as a best friend
great pair
less tears like that
and spears like that
and beers like that
and years like that

hope you kept at least
one teddy bear
for the camp gets colder
in the summer
for memories of lost
sneak up on you
at la playa

who said life was asi asi
it´s fuego
with extra matches
extra snacks
in extra packs
for extra smiles
hope the tilde doesn´t keep you
too long

hope the song you sing
isn´t too long

i hope the time we spend isn´t too vain
what a shame
back to fat water bottles
and even doper alley hoops

the streets are paved with
lemon juice
so hope you brought a salmon
and a sugar jar
and by far the best way to swim
is to close your eyes
and float on cloud nine
in your best pair of galoshes

no matter how you get there
it´s the journey that keeps you breathing
grandma knows how they made you

it´s only the beginning
of time

so don´t sign just yet

gone napping sign
post it

like take two

take three more sips
that´s it
you´re done
quick walk home
long mind trance

like you´ver never known the word


they blame Mary
but she´s laid up right now
sun bathing in the Canarias

they say judgment is for those who can
but who made the sand

land on that

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poemas de España : Untitled

and you'll find
necessity tucked
under your cama
like acceptance
traded for faithful
hold onto human
like a back-up key

oblong wonders
mermaid dishes
Poseidon kisses
left on your doorstep
for tomorrow's
next adventure

Video Blog: El Primer Dia(The First Day)

Poemas de España : Mother Earth

Mother Earth

white ruffles at her sleeves
accenting an endlessly flowing aqua
on her chest
green, red, and brown beads
dot the crevices of
her gown
while a contrasting blue of light
strings through the seams
of her glory

she does not wear shoes
for she would not know how to wear them
as she floats between
anywhere and just beyond the next breath
her crown
the color of deep dark thought
but then as she turns you see
the reflections of endless
techni-color pearls

The Graffiti Series(Spain Street Artwork)

Graffiti in Spain

Yea, I'm crazy bout the graffiti...I know

More graffiti in Spain


I took these close to where I stay....awesome...street art....


Mas Graffiti

Disclaimer: I gave this graffiti my own personal titles:)


fly high


rev time

never die

The graffiti here is sick!!!!

Tags Everywhere

So, people tag up everywhere, reminds me of New York.....

Despues de mi llegada(After my arrival)


mas graffiti

pose i suppose....

yea, mas

yep, more

What up people, so the graffiti here is amazing!!! It's everywhere, some pieces more intricate than others....I decided to do a whole picture series on the graffiti in Spain because it's truly a testament that we are share similar street culture...and people tag here anywhere and everywhere...seriously...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Here in Spain!!!

So, I'm in Spain!!!!! There are so many new things to take in. All the cars are much smaller in America. There is nothing but countryside through Wal-Marts and gentrification has not hit yet.....I saw many windmills, they were huge!!!! I saw a lot of cows, and sheep, and some horses on the way too!!! I didn't get any sleep on the plane ride from Newark to Madrid, Spain(it was 7 1/2 hours). It was wild seeing nothing but sea below you for hours.

I miss everyone!!

On the bus :)

Hostal next to a place we stopped to eat at


Muy linda

La vista fue muy linda!!!!