Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poemas de España: Sun Child

deep in thought
an introspective child
of the sky
ergonomic bagpipes
I got a guitar
excitement baked
in uncertainty
like each tree limb
knows that of its

Sun Child
go on with your bad self
make the earth shake
make the moon
fall in love with peanut butter
and jelly
while the skinny trees
do the limbo under
the breeze


Lucky said...

"While the skinny trees do the limbo under the breeze" - awesome word play, instantly painted a picture in my mind...your writing encompasses a serenity, much like your presence..."go on with your bad self" :)

sci-fi sistah said...

Whimsical & sensory imagery in this poem. Love it!

G said...

i was feelin dat poem, keep it up

Esoteric said...

Taking me back to elementary school with the
~ Esoteric