Monday, October 13, 2008

Poemas de España: from Picos de Europa (but ended now)

so many signs
black cat
crows at the top
one day
museums will
trade for my lead
exhibits on a floating Clarion XO
in the atmosphere of heaven

is sharing an advance

i'm always sed when we
enter the city
straight loca
second truth

i don't belong
when i return
they'll say they knew her

third truth

i need a pill

that's looks like a skittle
and tastes like licorice
and let's me travel on a discount
to morocco
so that i may tip
the good man who directs me
to the right bus station

is this a joke
is this the question game
are you real
do you know what real is
is there a proper time to trip
down the stairs
did you have a swing in your
did your creek ever flood
does your mind ever wander
have you ever seen a girl
bop her head with no music
do you remember what day christmas is
do cherubims ever grow old
do souls ever disappear
if ghosts do
does purgatory have rainbows
does heaven have storms
what would we do without gold
or diamonds
what's the point in rhyming
does it hinder expression
am i second guessing
who's turn is it
who's go to visit
turnip greens in your yard
in your belly
are jelly fish really scary
is this the end of the poem
is this the beginning
of a raven's memoir
have you ever laughed
when you didn't even hear the joke
have you ever wished your toes
would manicure themselves
would you wear a crown
if they made you
or a lifetime pass to the nearest
new music
or an old palace
fish or swim
kool-aid or
sweet tea
or iced tea
pencil or pen

lately i've been wondering

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