Monday, November 17, 2008

Singing Jazz in Spain!!!!!

So, yes ladies and gentlemen, it was not inevitable, but in the least case, I had to sing at least once!!! I met a band that plays at this spot near my house every Thursday. They are a dope jazz band called Jazztedigo and have some of the most talented musicians I have met in my life. So, without further blah blah blah, here's the footage from one of our performances!!! HOpe you enjoy!!! And look out for more surprises in the future :)

p.s. Special thanks to Santiago Basaras Saga, Kate Schnable and Carissa Kydd for footage!!!!


runstupidcatrun said...

Love it! You're amazing Joce! I would never have the courage to sing like you. I wouldn't sound very good either lol... Did you see the video of you and the bag-piper on my facebook?


Esoteric said...

Yeah "Amazing" is a pretty accurate word...
~ Esoteric

Jellis said...

Thank you :) And I didn't see the bag-piper joint, can you message me a link on the face? or is it still on your wall?